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Why use a spy camera and not a conventional camera?

The spy camera brings a real revolution in surveillance, because it allows to film discreetly without being spotted. It is then different from the conventional surveillance camera that is visible to everyone. 


The different appearances of the spy camera

This camera has the advantage of easily hiding. This allows you to have sharp and actionable videos or photos. It is often difficult to detect because it can take on several appearances. In miniature size, it can be installed in specific accessories or in decorative objects. For example, it can be arranged in a photo frame, a watch, a car key, a pair of glasses, a pen, a tissue box or even in an electric razor.  Thanks to technology, manufacturers have been able to create innovative and very original models. This makes detection virtually impossible. In recent years, for example, we have seen the appearance of the spy camera in the form of a bottle, an external hard drive, a power bank or even in the form of a USB stick.


Possible uses of the spy camera

This kind of camera can be used in any place and at any occasion. It can be used perfectly for your business or in a private capacity. Since it is not equipped with cable, its use is simplified. Just install it taking care to have an excellent framing. It should also be noted that a wifi network can be used to connect to the device. This allows you to view videos in real time or make remote commands.


It can also be used as a hunting camera. In this case, it must have a fastening system to facilitate its installation. In general, this type of device is waterproof to be able to adapt to the weather.