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How does a wifi spy camera work?

The wifi spy cameras are highly valued because of their ability to hide in everyday domestic objects. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, they don't often need feed wires. With this camera, filming is done discreetly. It is even possible to control the camera using your smartphone and access the recording in real time without the use of Ethernet or terrestrial cable. Just have a wifi connection. 

For first use, it is necessary to recharge the camera for at least four hours. When the load is complete, all that remains is to use it. Generally, the button to turn it on is on the side.


Recording videos

Most of the wifi spy cameras are equipped with motion sensors. This allows the recording to take place automatically as soon as a move is noticed near the device. Records can be saved with a micro SD card. Subsequently, the recordings can be viewed on another computer.


The transmission of images

The wifi spy camera does not have wire. Thanks to integrated transmitters, it is possible to watch the recorded video or transfer the video to another receiver. Some receivers have built-in memory. In order to access the images, you need to have a wifi connection as well as internet browsing to take advantage of all the camera's features. If you don't have an internet connection, the spy camera will work but you will have to remove the memory card and insert it into your computer to view the photos and videos.


Manipulating images  

It all depends on the use. If the camera is used continuously, the images can be viewed on one or more screens. This will allow the security guard to watch everything in real time. It is also possible to save them.