Alarm clock spy camera HD - Spy camera clock

Alarm clock spy camera HD

This alarm clock is equipped with a spy camera mini strong potential that allows you to record videos in high resolution. Its many features give the role to a technological gadget high-end.

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This awakening to the sophisticated design conceals a invisible spy camera HD to the eye. Installed innocently on the nightstand, on the desktop, or on the other hand, he shoots 25 sequences per second in HD. Its image sensor of 5 million pixels guarantees a good image quality. The videos provided have a resolution of 1080. Night vision of its sensor to make recordings at night. Thanks to its built-in microphone, it records are videos with sound.

Sound and video can be stored on a micro SD card not supplied. This unit supports up to 32 GB microSD cards. Long duration movies require a large storage space. This spy camera clock can support a 32 GB memory card. Animation screenshots are in AVI format and are compressed under H 264 to optimize the memory of the micro SD card. Playback of the files is easily done with KMplayer or Media Player. The data are transferable on Mac OS X and Windows via the USB 2.0 cable included in the kit. It remains operational in an environment with ambient temperature between-10 ° C and + 60 ° C.

The start recording can be triggered remotely using the remote control. Its range can reach 18 meters. The Spy alarm features of the motion detection function. The video sensor will begin recording as soon as it detects a presence in the room where it is located. The motion detector spy camera has a autonomy Thanks to the power of its 2800 mAh battery. She took charge on area for 3 to 4 hours. For a independence unlimited you will need to plug into a power outlet. A manual is supplied with the device. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

Cards microSD up to 32 GB
1080 pixels
Frame per second
25 fps
Video format
Streaming time
24 hours
Operating system
Windows-Mac OS X
software package
Media player KMplayer
5 M
Minimum illumination
1 lux
View angle
90 degrees
Motion detection
6 m
Interface type
Possible operating temperature
-10 to + 60 degrees
Compression format
H 264
Remote control distance
18 m


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