Alarm spy 2 million pixels - Spy camera clock

Alarm spy 2 million pixels

The spy camera is a classical revival. To not arouse suspicion, it is a benign look that conceals its function of espionage.

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Discreet presence, the spy camera clock is 15 cm long, 10 cm wide and 9 cm thick. Its case is gray chrome while the two sides and the buttons are black. This contrast of color form a beautiful harmony and gives it its resolutely contemporary style. His broad LCD screen allows comfortable reading by giving the exact time. On his side, this Mini spy camera includes a removable valve. She hides the interface USB, activation of functions On and Off and service charges. Accessory decoration by excellence, it is also well suited for private or personal use as well as professional. The remote control of a long range of 15 meters allows a remote use.

The camera spy clock allows to make high quality movies. It records videos in a resolution of 640 x 480. With a rate of 30 frames per second, the viewing is done in Visual comfort total and fluidly. Note that this device has a built-in microphone that captures the sounds and the noises. He also has the ability to record conversations. In order to save the files, the micro spy camera uses AVI format. It is a technology that compresses video and audio in a single file. Its high compression rate is a critical advantage. It allows the storage of a large amount of data on micro SD card 32 GB (not included). The transfer of files is done with the USB cable.

In addition to these functions, the spy clock camera captures photos. With a resolution of 1600 x 1200 and 2 mega pixelsobtained stereotypes are perfectly usable. It uses the JPG format to preserve the data. To ensure a wide surface scan, the device has a angle of view of 72 °. It should be noted that this spy equipment also works as a motion detector. According to the selected feature, it records videos and/or takes pictures when its lens captures a presence. For continuous operation, it has a about 12 hours. The most: it is compatible with the common operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

15 * 10 * 9 cm
Cards microSD up to 32 GB
640 x 480
Frame per second
30 fps
Video format
Streaming time
12: 00
Operating system
WIN 2000-XP-Visat32/7
2 M
View angle
72 degrees
Image format
Interface type
Photo resolution
1600 x 1200
Remote control distance
15 m


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