Alarm clock spy camera ultra HD 4K WiFi infrared vision - Spy camera clock

Alarm clock spy camera ultra HD 4K WiFi infrared vision

Ultra HD 4K WiFi spy camera alarm clock, infrared vision, motion detector, instant remote vision, mobile app, mirror effect, unlimited autonomy.

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In the category of surveillance devices in the form of a banal object of everyday life, we find the alarm clock spy camera. Elegant and modern, with a beautiful design, the camera alarm clock is intended for discrete monitoring in addition to the basic features of a simple alarm clock. There is therefore no risk of discovering the device that is integrated into it. Ideal for bedrooms or small rooms, the alarm clock is equipped with a undetectable camera that can be controlled remotely via a WiFi connection. Moreover, you can synchronize it with your phone and can therefore control it from it. This feature significantly reduces the risk of being spotted. This will allow you to take high quality videos or photos as needed without having to manually trigger the device. As such, the integrated motion detector is an interesting option because it allows the device to be triggered automatically at the slightest movement in the room.

Equipped with a ultra high definition image sensor, you will be able to record photos and videos in 4K. Thanks to the WiFi connection, you will be able to view images and sound discreetly, even in night vision – without any signal that indicates that the unit is running. Always on the practical side, you will be able to view the videos in real time without any problems – an alert being sent to your phone to warn you of a motion detection in front of the alarm. In terms of autonomy, it is quite important that the appliance is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. If you want a Unlimited autonomy just plug it into an AC outlet. For proper operation of the alarm clock spy camera, you will need to insert a memory card. This spy alarm clock supports micro SD cards up to 64Gb.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 64Gb
Ultra-HD 4K
Video format
Lithium polymer
Unlimited if the spy camera alarm clock is plugged into an AC outlet
Image format
Compression format
H. 264
Compatible smartphone
Android and IOS
Infrared vision
Instant vision


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