Wake up with Full HD spy camera infrared - Spy camera clock
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Wake up with Full HD spy camera infrared

This spy camera alarm clock plays its role of clock perfectly. However, its design incorporates other features you'll discover.

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With minimalist dimensions, the spy camera clock measures 25 x 62 x 45 mm for a weight of 150 g. These characteristics give a discreet presence and easy to carry in a purse or a Briefcase. Its case chrome and its harmonious profile combines to offer a resolutely classical style that would arouse no suspicion. As a functional clock, better place will be the night table. Intended for immediate use, the Mini spy camera comes with accessories for its mechanism. The USB cable to transfer files to a computer. It will also serve to recharge the lithium battery.

The radio alarm clock camera records videos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. With a 30 fps frame, playback of recordings offers a great fluidity. Therefore, the obtained files are perfectly usable. They constitute irrefutable evidence in the case of contentious situation. It should be noted that our micro spy camera covers a wide area of surveillance. She has this advantage to its 160 ° viewing angle which allows filming the extreme corners. Data backup is achievable in AVI format. This technology has a high compression ratio. It puts at your disposal a large amount of data. The device being provided with a 2.0 interface, it allows the insertion of a micro SD card 32 GB.

The strong point of this alarm clock camera spy night vision lies in the possibility of theuse overnight. It records videos with a 1 lux illumination. Sound motion detector also represents an undeniable advantage. The recorder is automatically triggered when it captures a suspicious presence within a radius of 6 meters. If you are looking for a practical and functional spy equipment, we suggest this high-end product. It has a 16 hours of talk time When it is in standby mode. The continuous recording can last for 12 hours. A 2400 MAH, rechargeable battery provides power. A highlight: this product is compatible with the universal OS such as Windows 2000 and Vista 32. This product is currently unavailable.

Data sheet

150 gr
Standby time
16: 00
25 * 62 * 45
Up to 32 GB SD card
1920 * 1080
Frame per second
30 fps
Video format
Streaming time
12: 00
Operating system
Windows 2000/xp/vista 32/windows 7 and newer
software package
MediaPlayer-KM player
Load time
8: 00
5 M
Minimum illumination
1 lux
View angle
160 degrees
Motion detection
6 m
2400 mAh


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