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Charging station for iPhone with WiFi spy camera

Spy reload station. HD image sensor, 1280x720P resolution, motion detector, WiFi connection, mobile app, remote live view, angle of view 70 degrees.

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Are you looking for a CCTV system to secure your home or Office? This mini camera spy charging station 720P HD WiFi is the right solution for you. It's a perfect hidden camera that will quietly film everything that happens at home during your absences. Placed in a place where the angle of view of 70 °, it is a great way to monitor a nanny. Thanks to the WiFi connectivity, you can receive notifications on your Smartphone via its mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android. It is suitable for iPhones 5, 6, 7, 8.

This mini camera capturing high definition videos 1280 x 720p. Depending on your preferences, the automatic triggering of recordings can be parameterized according to the motion detector. You can also set up direct storage on the micro SD card. It should be noted that the memory of this spy camera is expandable up to 128 GB. For the WiFi connection, only the 2.4 GHz band is supported. If you then have a 5 GHz router, you will need to switch to 2.4 GHz and make sure that DHCP is enabled.

To charge this device worthy of a spy film accessory, simply plug it into the USB port of a laptop, a central unit. You can also connect this mini-camera to an adapter with a USB cable.  This high-tech product comes with an adapter and user guide to help you with the implementation and manipulations.

Data sheet

Supports micro SD cards up to 128 GB maximum
Video format
View angle
70 degrees
Motion detection
Image format
Compression format
H. 264
Compatible smartphone
Android and Apple (connection application)
Mobile app


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