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Smiley miniature spy camera

This miniature camera smiley badge is a unique accessory. As the products of the range spy camera, it records videos in all discretion.

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The smiley spy camera HD is a fun gadget to innocuous appearance. Minimalist in size, it looks like a yellow circular badge measuring 1.8 cm in diameter. Go anywhere in any circumstance, you can hang it on your bag on the belt of trousers or a pocket. Solid and practical, his clip plastic easily ensures its implementation on the medium of your choice. Equipped with a large autonomy, this smiley badge Mini spy camera works continuously for 120 minutes. Note: you can have more memory using the mini USB interface. Just order one micro SD card 16 GB, a product available in our shop. Accessory therefore offers you the opportunity to make a long-term supervision without being noticed.

We invite you to enjoy the performance of our smiley badge micro spy camera. It has a resolution of 770 * 480 p with a flow rate of 30 frames per second. The videos offer images of exceptional quality with extreme fluidity. The viewing is done in total comfort without blurring effect. Exploitation of the recording for your surveillance needs is thus made easier. This smiley badge mini spy camera is delivered in the form of a pack. Its advantage: it can be used immediately with its USB cable. This accessory allows you to transfer the data to your computer and, with extreme rapidity. It remains necessary to recharge the battery.

What is the strong point of our smiley badge Mini spy camera HD? Its design incorporates a Li-ion battery that ensures his diet. It is a modern technology that uses the lightest of metals: lithium. Its peculiarity lies in its ability to store a high power density. She is about twice that of a standard battery of its range. This component is also distinguished by its light weight. It is therefore perfectly suited for electronic gadgets. So much more than its low rate of self discharge gives a sustainable use. Are you looking for one spy equipment effective and fun? Order this functional product which is highly original. Despite its high performance and finesse of its finish, it comes with an excellent quality/price. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

1.8 cm
MicroSD up to 16 GB cards
720 x 480
Frame per second
30 IPS
2 h
Interface type
Mini usb
Internal Li-ion


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