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Electric razor HD spy camera

Razor electric micro spy camera is both reliable and undetectable. Our HD spy camera records videos and capture photos with full discretion.

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This Horn eye product is actually a electric shaver spy camera detector of movement. Operating independently, she immediately starts recording as soon as the sensor detects a presence. It should be noted that our Mini spy camera is compatible with the universal operating systems such as Mac OS, XP and Windows. Playback can be directly without the need to install a specific software. Similarly, its handling requires no specific expertise. With an elegant design, this product is available in two-tone black and red.

Possess the Razor electric mini spy camera offers many advantages. Despite the small size of the accessory, it provides high quality recordings. The resulting videos have a resolution of 1280 * 960 p. The flow rate of 30 images per second provides fluid animations with good visibility. Exploitation of the files is comfortable and is carried out with ease and speed. It should be noted that our HD camera is equipped with a USB 2.0 interface. For your convenience, we include the USB cable and user guide in your package. You can use this precious cord to transfer files on your PC or a tablet. It will be used also for charging your battery.

Why we suggest this Razor electric micro spy camera? With 120 minutes of continuous recordingIt has a high autonomy. This asset will be useful for your long-term monitoring mission. This performance in addition to its important internal memory of 8 GB. AVI format for videos and JPG for photos are of advantage. Thanks to their high compression rate, they allow storing many files. They also have the ability to preserve the original quality of the files. Note that these two technologies are universal and are readable by all programs. If you need a spy equipment discreet and effective, this product meets your needs. There are modest measurements: 105 x 67 x 39 mm. Thanks to its small size, it fits easily in your pocket or a small bag of toiletries.

Data sheet

105 x 67 x 39 mm
1280 x 960
Frame per second
30 IPS
Video format
Streaming time
120 min
Operating system
Windows ME-2000-XP-Mac OS 9.2.2
Motion detection
Yes to 6 meters
Image format
Interface type
Battery capacity
Internal memory
8 GB


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