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Mini HD spy camera detector of movement

Micro spy camera is a versatile accessory. Thanks to its high performance, our spy camera ensures high definition images.

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The product that we present to you is a motion detector spy camera. She works independently without requiring you need to activate it. When she captures a presence within a radius of 10 meters, it automatically triggers video recording. To increase its volume of storage, simply insert a micro SD card. The maximum capacity must not however exceed 32 GB. In the case of an intrusion, our Mini spy camera you immediately sends an alert message. It should be noted that this camera offers a resolution of 1280x720p of 2 million pixels at a rate of 30 frames per second. It ensures smooth and quite usable records for your Spy missions.

Use the Mini spy camera offers several advantages. It has a long battery life mode sleep for a week. Sound continuous recording time is 2 hours. To ensure its functioning during this time, a lithium battery provides power. This accessory in polymer has a high energy storage capacity. It should be noted that our spy camera HD is before all a discreet accessory. Its minimal dimensions of 55 x 28 x 20 mm facilitate its camouflage. Weighing approximately 83 grams, it hides discreetly in your hand. To use it in the office or at a special event, simply ask carelessly on a work table or above a furniture in height.

Why we suggest the micro spy camera? Sound angle of view of 62 degrees facilitates the framing of the records. On the other hand, the video surveillance systems traditional are too visible. Which is not the case of our spy whose presence material is above suspicion. The most: it has a microphone which records the conversations. Thanks to AVI and JPG formats, this product benefits from the performance of modern technology. The high compression ratio allows the storage of a large volume of data. Remember that this product is compatible with traditional operating systems like MAC or Windows. Playback of files so requires no special software. Thanks to its USB 2.0 interface, you can use the cable to transfer files and charge the battery. This product is currently unavailable

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