Spy alarm IP Wifi 5 million pixels - Spy camera clock
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Spy alarm IP Wifi 5 million pixels

The spy camera alarm clock is characterized by its high performance. It has several features for discreet and effective oversight.

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The spy camera clock is a small device with a harmonious oval. It has a black hull and a dark screen with a chrome border. If its main function is that of an alarm clock, looking chic and sober perfectly hides its role ofspy. Convenient to handle most of the commands are invisible on the device. Buttons start-up and shutdown, wifi and led functions, the usb interface located behind a cover on the back of the unit. This Mini spy camera allows a remote on your computer or a smartphone. She also has a motion detector ensure scanning within a radius of 6 meters. Check systematically fires when there is a presence. The system immediately sends you an alert message.

The alarm clock camera Full HD wifi product videos with a resolution of 1080 pixels with a sensor of 5 million pixels. Sound 140 ° viewing angle offers a record field very wide to capture the maximum amount of data. Storage of files takes place under the AVI format with H.264 compression format. This backup system also preserves the quality of the videos. It should be noted that our micro spy camera is fitted with a infrared vision with a minimum illumination 1 lux. Even in low light, its goal is able to offer clear and usable videos. A report that the Spy alarm has internal memory. Simply insert a micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The advantage of using this alarm clock camera spy night vision is its universal character. You don't need to install a software or program any. It is compatible with the common operating systems such as Windows and Mac OSX, VLC Player and SM Player. It is therefore immediately operational upon delivery. A highlight that this spy equipment has a autonomy. A high performance of 2400 mAh battery provides the power supply. It is possible to recharge using the USB cable. This device also works on sector thanks to the 5 volt adapter. In that case autonomy is then unlimited and allows continuous operation the day and/or night. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

Cards microSD up to 32 GB
1080 pixels
Video format
Operating system
Windows-Mac OS X
software package
VLC Player-SM Player
5 M
Minimum illumination
1 lux
View angle
140 degrees
Motion detection
Compression format
H 264
Compatible smartphone
Infrared vision


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