Alarm clock mini camera spy Full HD wifi - Spy camera clock
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Alarm clock mini camera spy Full HD wifi

The spy camera alarm clock is a decorative accessory that incorporates another function. With modern technology, it records Full HD video.

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Combining style and perfection, this spy camera clock will fit on a nightstand. Provided a design look, it has a cubic form with a black color of great sobriety. His classical style suggests that it is actually a Spy device. Easy to use, the setting buttons are located on its upper side. It records videos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 5 million pixels. Offering a smooth viewing, images scroll at a rate of 25 units per second. Our alarm clock camera is compatible with the common operating systems such as Microsoft and Windows and VLC Player and SM Player software.

Discreet and effective, this alarm clock camera spy wifi includes a remote viewing. It offers you the possibility to see records from your computer or on your Android Smartphone or Apple. Thanks to its night visionIt captures the attendance even in low light. The videos and photos obtained during these times are perfectly usable. Having a large 140 ° viewing angleits goal is able to scan a large area. It can also reach those hard places of access. It should be noted that our mini camera backup the files in H264 format. This new compression technology has the advantage of offering a higher storage volume. The viewing real-time There is more fluidity. It also allows to obtain a better image quality.

We recommend you this alarm clock camera spy night vision for sound high autonomy. It has a more than 24 hours operating time. A powerful battery of 2400 mAh ensures its energy supply. For unlimited use, simply plug it into the sector. It should be noted that this micro spy camera is fitted with a motion detector. This feature enhances more independence of use. Whenever it detects a presence within a radius of 6 meters, video recording or photo capture is automatically triggered. With no internal memory, you need to add a micro SD card. This awakening doesn't support greater than 64 GB card.

Data sheet

1920 x 1080
Frame per second
25 ips
Video format
Continuous recording time
24 hours
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
5 M
Angle of view
140 degrees
Motion detection
6 m
Storage type
Card micro SD up to 64 GB
Battery capacity
Compression format
Compatible Smartphone
Apple and Android
Infrared vision


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