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What is the cost of a fleet geolocation solution?

there fleet geolocation refers to equipping GPS trackers all of a company's motor vehicles. Very practical, it allows you to get a tracking vehicle movements, which can be useful for sensitive deliveries. Knowledge of vehicle movements also makes it possible tooptimize the organization of these trips and many other benefits as well. But at what cost?


A cost in initial fittings

The cost of a sfleet geolocation olution varies significantly depending on several factors: hardware type and its features, The number of vehicles in the fleet, the type of commitment made. But generally, a minimum budget of about 15 euros per vehicle per month should be provided for rental geolocation services. But it can go up from 25 euros to 45 euros depending on the features (analysis of drivers' driving habits, technical data of the vehicle). However, some providers lower these prices from a number of vehicles. In addition to the trackers themselves, you should also expect the rental of management software and possible installation costs. And all this little world will need hardware support: the computer hardware is to be expected. If you prefer to buy the equipment, you will need to look closely at the GPS trackers phone communications costs


Long-term costs to be expected

The price of a fleet geolocation system does not stop at the purchase or initial rental of equipment. It comes with a monthly or annual service fee depending on the services you have chosen. Here is added the monthly rental fees for equipment that you will pay to your supplier, related services such as support and customer service (technical support and other support). And all this, spread over a period of up to 24 months depending on the providers. 

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