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Can using a GPS tracker reduce my insurance premium?

In terms of car geolocation, the answer is both yes and no. What for?


If your use of a GPS tracker is a personal initiative...

The amount of your insurance premium will not decrease. If you personally decide to set a fire GPS tracker on your vehicle for one reason or another, this will not be a consideration when calculating the amount of your car insurance. 


If you have a mileage insurance policy...

The amount of the insurance premium may eventually decrease. To understand this, one must grasp the very nature of mileage insurance. This type of insurance policy, also called Pay As You Drive (PAYD), is based on your use of your vehicle. To find out your case, the insurer carries a GPS tracker on your vehicle. The tracker will raise the speed, distances traveled, your driving habits... All the elements that allow you to know the use of your vehicle and calculate the amount of the insurance premium.  


For the most conscientious drivers, this premium can drop by up to 30%. On the other hand, in case of misconduct, it will increase. It is therefore a tailor-made insurance by rewarding the right drivers and penalizing the bad ones. the GPS tracker is an initiative of the insurer and not yours: it is therefore willing to take into account the data provided by the device. For more details, it is wiser to refer directly to an auto insurer.