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Why are there GPS trackers with a magnetized support?

the magnetized support is one of the many options GPS trackers as well as the GPS collars of our pets. To meet the diverse needs of the world of GPS tracers, some geolocation devices benefit from a magnetized base. So let's see what need this magnetized base meets.


An easily removable and manipulable GPS tracker

One of the first reasons for magnetized support on a GPS tracker is that it reduces the difficulty of installation. Indeed, with a magnetized support, thee tracer clings to any surface, as long as it is made of metal. For the user, it is enough to put it down, remove it and rest it elsewhere if the need arises. A GPS tracker with a magnetized support is therefore a very easily removable tracer.  This type of GPS tracker is the preferred geolocation device for motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. This type of model is widely used in espionage.


A discreet GPS tracker

We saw it above, a GPS tracker with a magnetized support can land on any metal support. This implies that it can be placed in discreet places, hidden in plain sight of potential criminals. In the event of theft, this will prevent them from removing the GPS tracker in order to evade the search of law enforcement. Discreet and wacky locations will also save the GPS tracker for possible shocks, ensuring its durability.