Alarm Clock Spy Camera HD 1080P Wifi Motion Detector - Pas cher WIFI Caméra Horloge HD 1080 P Sans Fil mini Camér

Alarm clock spy camera HD 1080P WiFi motion detector

Full HD 1080P IP camera alarm clock, WiFi, motion detection, night vision, live remote vision, maximum memory of 64 GB, high performance battery 3000 mAh.


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Choose this Full HD WiFi camera alarm clock If you want to effectively monitor your interior in a discreet way. Just put this alarm clock on your nightstand for example, if you want to put it in your room. Its classic appearance allows it not to awaken suspicions.

the camera alarm clock is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. It allows you to make video recordings continuously for more than 8 hours. However, if you want the mini camera works continuously, it is also possible to connect the camera to a USB cable or adapter or to an external power source with a 5V/1A output.

Equipped with a Full HD infrared image sensor, you will be able to carry out surveillance during the night. The motion detector will be triggered as soon as it detects a presence in front of the lens. A slot for a micro SD card will allow you to insert a memory card of 64 GB maximum. This mini camera is very easy to use. For the first time, be sure to charge it for 3 hours before using it. 

Data sheet

300 grams
6cm x 4cm x 5cm
Video format
Continuous recording time
More than 24 hours
Operating system
Media Player
Motion detection
Storage type
Supports microSD cards up to 64Gb
Image format
Photo resolution
Battery capacity
3000 mAh
Compression format
H. 264
Compatible Smartphone
Android and IOS
Infrared vision


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