Smoke detector spy camera mini - Smoke camera detector

Smoke detector spy camera mini

The spy camera smoke detector is used to film and photograph discreetly. The camera lens is invisible, no one will suspect that this smoke detector is actually a spy camera.

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The Spy fire detectors looks like a banal equipment that conceals yet one mini camera spy. Undetectable by sight, it represents an essential tool for a spy mission. Reliable and convenient, it is suitable also for monitoring your home or a local professional. With a high degree of autonomy, this spy camera allows a 90 minutes recording. Equipped with a internal memory of 4 GB It allows you to save a large amount of data. With this performance, she ensures the security of your home during long absence. Our mini camera offers video resolution 720 * 480 p and 1600 * 1200 for photos.

The Mini spy camera is distinguished by its high performance. Also duties in video mode, audio and picture, is also a motion detector spy camera. This function is only triggered when a present in the surveillance area. Thanks to a 75 degrees viewing angle combined with a focal distance of 6 metres, this powerful tool ensures a wide shot. Depending on your needs, our spy camera HD is adjustable in continuous or motion detection mode. Equipped with a built-in microphoneIt also records the sound and conversations.

What are the advantages of ordering it spy equipment? Autonomy of 1 hour 30 minutes registration allows you to continue your activities outside of your home or your business premises. Practical, the charging time of 4 hours of this smoke camera detector is done with a (supplied) USB from your PC. Easy to use, it comes with a remote control. Most: you can remotely activate its operation without attracting the attention of others. It is also easy to install, without the need for special tools or expertise. To start its video function, photo or the motion sensor, simply press the corresponding button. Are you looking for a reliable product? Choose our spy camera smoke detector for its high performance without equal!

Data sheet

720 x 480
Frame per second
30 fps
Video format
Streaming time
100 mins
Operating system
Win200 - XP - Vista 32 - Win 7
Load time
4 h
2 million
Minimum illumination
1 lux.
View angle
72 degrees
Motion detection
90 minutes
Photo resolution
1600 * 1200
Internal memory


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