Gps Tracker built into a charger cigarette lighter - Gps Tracker

Gps Tracker built into a charger cigarette lighter

This gps Tracker has the appearance of a USB adapter for cigarette lighter. It offers the geolocation of the vehicle to stalk with extreme precision.

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The GPS car tracker is a quite reliable geolocation feature. Thanks to its trivial to lookadapter for cigarette lighterits use offers a total discretion. Its main role is to track the movement of the vehicle in which it is installed without the knowledge of the driver. To operate, the device requires the use of a SIM card. The goal is to establish communication between the tracer and the smartphone. It should be noted that this tag GPS has no internal memory. The use of a micro SD card to address this constraint. At each call, she sent alerts to your smartphone. Geolocation is obtained using several parameters like the latitude, longitude, direction, speed,...

The GPS Tracker condensed new technologies to enhance its performance. Its design incorporates a detector with automatic call voice. Recording is triggered when a conversation starts. Even if the battery charge level is low, the tool remains functional. These data will be useful to be exploited as part of a spy mission. It should be noted that motorcycle gps Tracker is compatible with Android and Apple. These are among the most used mobile applications. On the other hand, the use of SIM cards to liaise with a smartphone meets no restriction. Choose this monitoring equipment represents an economic formula. It is not necessary to take out a subscription with an operator.

We suggest that the acquisition of this gps car tracker for its many advantages. In addition to its technical performances, she has a autonomy. If it is active, it can be operational for 4-6 days. If you switch to standby mode, you have a autonomy of 12 days without interruption. A 400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery provides the power of this gps car tracker. The use of lithium in its component offers a high energy storage. Its low self-discharge rate gives the battery a long life expectancy. This is one more for the sustainability of your device. Note that the latter is suitable for professional use. With great discretion, it is effective to control the use of company vehicles. It is also suitable for monitoring your rolling stock such as pleasure cars, coaches, buses, trucks for the transport of goods.

Data sheet

Standby time
12 days
SD cards for records
Lithium polymer
6 days running
Requires a subscription
Battery capacity
Sound detection


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