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GPS Tracker magnetic long life

Suitable for surveillance missions in many environments including wetlands, GPS Tracker magnetic long life stands without a doubt its characteristics of excellence covering all the needs and expectations by its users.

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Allowing you the spinning of a person or a vehicle with discretion, the GPS Tracker magnetic long life is presented to your selection according to the following dimensions: 70 mm of length, depth 32 mm and 55 mm wide. Real little model in its range and multiple features, it Let GPS weighs more than 160 grams, making it virtually undetectable during missions you entrust to him. Thought in the first instance to the mills on vehicles, this GPS car tracker has a capacity of 6000 mAh Lithium battery and to the15 days of autonomy. Scope of location 5 meters, the tag GPS consists of a magnetized support allowing you fixated throughout the metal brackets.

Enjoying a protection IP56guarantee of sound sealing, this magnetic spy GPS Tracker can be used in wetlands and oscillating temperatures between-30 ° C and + 70 ° C without risking damage. Provided with a internal antenna and equipped with a compatible GSM support at frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, it may also be coupled to a SIM card. Thanks to this significant specificity, the Chartplotter GPS magnetic long life has the ability to communicate with an Iphone or Android smartphone and can warn you of immediate way by SMS in case of movements detected your target.

Why choose the GPS Tracker? In addition to its many high-end features mentioned above, this GPS car tracker offers an option of thought remote management to allow you managing your Mills from the comfort of your home. Controllable online from the platform to life free online included, it is available on Windows and IOS operating systems or across the Android and Iphone smartphones. Automatically saved on the platform, all the data transmitted by the GPS plotter are available and stored for a period of 6 months with possible longer according to your needs. This plotter GPS can really do more to satisfy its users?

Data sheet

160 grams
70 * 55 * 32 mm
Lithium polymer
Yes - IP56
Possible operating temperature
-35 to 70 degrees
Battery capacity
GSM frequency
Trigger time
36 sec
Warning mode
alert by sms to the phone number
Walking time
15 days
Yes - 2 G
Location on map
Remote management
Online tracking platform
Yes - free for life
Tracer history
GPS channels
Location accuracy
5 m
Internal antenna
Integrated Yes
SOS button
Setting alarm
Mobile app
Yes for Iphone and Android


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