CHS-126 loving GPS Tracker - Gps Tracker
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CHS-126 loving GPS Tracker

High GPS waterproof range, 4 magnets, precision of geolocation live at 5 meters, battery life 12 days with function tracer alert sms low battery, remote management and online platform free for life.

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You are looking for a GPS Tracker to the premium features? With this in mind, take a few moments to discover excellence affirmed in this Loving GPS Tracker !

GPS Tracker designed for optimal discretion, the Chartplotter GPS loving is offered according to the 77x53x29mm dimensions and a weight of only 90 grams. Thereby, you can hide it with ease at the locations desired regardless of its discovery. With 4 powerful magnets for a grip on all the metals, this tag GPS has a precision of geolocation of 5 meters and is adorned with a 12 days of autonomy making it perfect for all monitors that you can give, as long they are! In case of low battery and a reinforced safe perspective, the GPS Tracker spy sending an sms alert on a preset number. You can save up to three different numbers for these alerts.

One real-time location through online platform

Motorcycle GPS Tracker or GPS car tracker Depending on your needs, this GPS Tracker allows you to view real time free its geographical position and its various courses through an online platform to life (subscription included in the price of the tracer). Provided with a internal antennaIt allows you a management on PC or on your mobile with an integrated application that can be used on Android and Iphone smartphones remotely. The data collected by this GPS car tracker or high range motorcycle are kept and available according to your needs for more than 6 months on the servers of the platform.

Specific features designed for all uses

Composed of a power of 4 batteries and to the 36 seconds delay timethe loving GPS Tracker can be used based on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies. The 32-channel GPS, its building materials allow him to operate in multiple weather whose temperatures are included between-35 ° C and + 70 ° C. Tracker GPS waterproofIt finally offers you the possibility of him tackle monitorings in wet or aquatic environments without fear of tampering with his integrity! This product is currently unavailable 

Data sheet

90 grs
77 * 53 * 29 mm
Specific batteries
Possible operating temperature
Of 35 to 70 degrees
GSM frequency
850-900-1800-1900 MHz
Trigger time
36 sec
Walking time
12 days
Location on map
Remote management
Online tracking platform
Yes - free for life
Tracer history
Yes - saved on the server for more than 6 months
GPS channels
Location accuracy
5 meters
Internal antenna
Setting alarm
Mobile app
Yes - Iphone and Android
Low battery signal sending
Can be prevented on several are


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