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Loving gps Tracker

The GPS Tracker is a device with a high efficiency. When it detects a movement, he sends you alerts sms on your smartphone.

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The design of this GPS car tracker integrates GPS and GSM modules that work in tandem. Functional throughout Europe, she has the ability to capture the signal of most number of 32 satellites. It provides GSM navigation on triband 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz. The use of this tag GPS guarantees total discretion during your follow-up missions. Equipped with a minimal size, it measures 8.2 cm in length, 4.8 cm wide and 3 cm high. Light to hold in the hand, she weighs 97 grams. Easy to set up, it has to four magnets robust who cling firmly on the bodywork of a car. This device is also suitable for monitoring company vehicles to locate your belongings.

Suitable for both wheels, the operation of this motorcycle GPS Tracker is extremely simple. When you make a remote call, this technical tool evaluates the location of the vehicle. To do this, he uses several parameters including longitude, latitude, direction, and speed. It also capitalizes other useful information such as the time, date, and battery level. You receive the message in real time from the email or SMS gps tracker. Note that geolocation gives a accuracy of 5 meters. To be functional, it is essential to use a SIM card.

We recommend this gps car tracker for its high quality. It has a capacity of exceptional battery life. She is 2-3 months in standby mode, 5 to 8 days for continuous use. A mini integrated 3000 mAh battery provides its energy supply. To charge, you have the choice between three options. Just use her cigarette lighter of a car. You can use a cable to connect with a PC. The last option is to use a 12 volt battery. It should be noted that the gps Tracker is fitted with a good seal. Once fixed on the body, it remains functional and does not fear the outside moisture. More: If the vehicle crosses the limit, or if the driver on duty rolls with a speeding ticket, the tool sends you an alert message. This product is currently unavailable.

Data sheet

97 grams
Standby time
Three months
8.2 * 4.8 * 3 cm
7 days
5 m
Maximum satellite reception
Tri-Band GSM
Requires a subscription


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