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What is a motorcycle intercom for?

A motorcycle intercom allows a biker toquietly use your smartphone without jeopardizing his safety while driving. Also called Bluetooth kit, the intercom plays exactly the same function as a Handsfree. The difference is that it doesn't require any wires. The connection with the smartphone is made via Bluetooth technology.


Communicating with your smartphone safely

Motorcycle accidents are very often the result of negligence or lack of attention on the part of the biker. Instead of focusing on the road, he lets himself be entertained by an incoming call. Even using a hands-free kit has become dangerous because the other hand should drop the handlebars to press the control button. Themotorcycle intercom allows the biker to stay focused on the road.

Indeed he can access all the features of his smartphone through voice control : call a friend or a collaborator, receive an incoming call, listen to music, get route instructions via GPS. In addition, the headset is attached to the helmet and not to the ears. This offers both comfort and safety and increases vigilance.


Listen to the radio with or without a smartphone

Currently, the majority of intercoms have a integrated radio. So you don't have to connect to your smartphone to listen to music during the ride. This saves your mobile battery.


Talk to your passenger or a group of bikers

The intercom is very convenient, il allows you to chat with your passenger safely. You can even share an incoming call with him. In addition, if you are travelling with a group of bikers, it will be possible tochat with other bikers within a 4 km radius. This is impossible with a simple hands-free kit.