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What are babyphones with thermometers for?

Manufacturers are constantly innovating to provide parents with the best babyphone. Currently, this hardware has a multitude of features just to make everyday life easier for parents and to ensure more safety for babies. Some babyphones have a built-in thermometer to inform parents of the room temperature of their child's room.

This kind oflisten-baby is needed to know the temperature in the baby's room at all times. The aim is to prevent the child from being exposed to high temperatures or a possible cold snap. For some devices such as the digital babyphone thermometer, it is possible to determine exactly whether the temperature in the room is suitable for the child or whether it is necessary to intervene. The thermometer indicates a red color if the temperature is too hot, blue if too cold and yellow for a perfect temperature. Which is very convenient.  

It is very important to know that The atmosphere of the room can have an impact on your baby's health. The latter can be very sensitive to temperature variation and humidity. Do you know that when the humidity is too low, it can cause the child's eyes and throat to dry out? The function of the thermometer is precisely to continuously monitor the temperature as well as the ambient humidity in a room. The goal being togive your baby maximum comfort and help him feel good day and night.

It should be noted that The ideal temperature range for the baby is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. The connected babyphones smartphones can set a temperature and humidity threshold. As soon as the threshold is exceeded, you will be immediately alerted to your smartphone or receiver.