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Can you listen to audio sounds directly on the dictaphone?

A Dictaphone is used to save a sound, music, a lecture, etc. You can find analog dictaphones (cassette), digital dictaphones and automatic dictaphones (activate and stop on their own). As with any recording device, audio files backed up in the dictaphone can also be listened to.


Ldigital dictaphones 

Previously, there was a tendency to use analog dictaphones. Technology then evolved and digital dictaphones were born. These are the devices that sell the most these days. They are easy to use and very practical given their small sizes. They can have an internal memory of up to 32GB. This type of dictaphone works with either batteries or stand-alone batteries. It can also replace MP3 players. This device uses the WAV format for recording audio files. To activate it, just press the "on" button and wait for the recording.


How do I listen to the recordings on the dictaphone?

To be able to listen directly to the dictaphone (digital), you need to know the parameters and shortcuts of the latter. Otherwise, regardless of the dictaphone chosen, the settings are usually the same. First, vyou must have recordings already ready to be listened to in your device. Then, just choose audio files that interest you. All that remains is to Click on the file and choose the "read" option. Apart from recording and listening to sounds, a dictaphone can also change the recordings. It also allows them to be shared by email or message. If there are files you don't want to keep, you can delete them directly from the dictaphone. Today's dictaphones are therefore modern devices capable of performing more tasks in addition to recording.