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What is a GPS beacon for in a dashcam?

A dashcam Yes on-board camera is a device that is used in vehicles. It allows you to film and record claims that may occur in or around your car. It is often placed on the windshield to get good quality videos or photos. There are several options to complement the dashcam to make it more efficient. Among them is the GPS beacon.


The latest generations of dashcam: cameras with GPS beacon.

The GPS beacon is the last option that manufacturers have added to the on-board cameras Current. Dashcams, which have a GPS beacon, also have complementary options such as HDR resolution for theViewing images, USB interfaces and memory card recordings of at least 32GB. These GPS devices also have a remarkable design. Small and discreet, they automatically adapt to any type of vehicle. The Gps Included in the device information such as the speed of the car, the distance of the journeyEtc. It also allows you to accurately indicate the time and date and your location in the event of an incident or accident.. This information is obtained from the videos recorded by the dashcam.


The benefits of a dashcam equipped with a GPS beacon

The the main advantage of a GPS is the possibility ofto make the route and journey more expensive via Google maponce the device is connected to the Internet. With this option, the dashcam Can record everything that's going on around your vehicle. She's going to tell you. also indicate your speed as well as your itinerary. The dashcam screen also has the "historic" setting that allows you to review the details of the journeys. GPS works autonomously once connected to a computer. What makes this equipment essential to a car is the information it communicates. They are still accepted without question by the Tribunal and the insurance companies.