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What is the use of voice control on a dictaphone?

The " voice command "of a Dictaphone is appreciated by all professionals who often use Dictation as well as by all who write. It represents a Ideal solution for lawyers, managers, salespeople, architects, experts, journalists, authors... This enthusiasm can be explained by the benefits of this function. What is the use of voice control on a dictaphone? Discover the benefits of voice recognition on a dictaphone.

  • More efficiency in carrying out tasks

Voice control significantly reduces document processing time. An essay takes three times as long to establish the texts.

  • A significant decrease in workload

The use of voice command sets significantly reduce the workload. This advantage is especially evident at the secretariat level, which only has to make a few small corrections to the documents.

  • Improvement as errors are corrected

Each error correction is recorded by voice control, which makes increase the rate of speech recognition and improve with each correction.

  • A rapid transformation of recorded dictation

Thanks to voice recognition, dictations recorded on a digital dictaphone are easily transformed into texts.

  • Easy adaptation

Professionals who opt for voice recognition can easily adapt to digital dictation and enjoy the benefits of their dictaphone's "voice control" function.

  • A specific lexicon

The voice control function comes with a lexicon specially designed for each industry. A personalized adaptation to a specific domain improves the rate of speech recognition.

  • A more structured task

The voice control function on a dictaphone allows you toimprove performance in the execution of tasks. It accelerates the transformation of recordings into clear texts.