Sunglasses with mini camera - Telescope Camera
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Sunglasses with mini camera

This bezel HD camera is suitable for espionage activities. Similar to a classic accessory, it allows monitoring close without arousing suspicion.

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The spy camera glasses is a device using modern technology. She is fitted with a robust frame and dark glasses to protect your eyes from the Sun. Undetectable to the view, its mini camera records videos with a resolution of 1280 * 720 and is equipped with a sensor 5 mega pixels. To offer you the best visual comfort, the flow rate of 30 images per second ensures fluidity of the film. This telescope camera take a microphone which produces a sound recording in stereo. To keep the files, the device has the AVI technology. The use of this format has benefits. Given its universal character, playback of the content can be done without the installation of specific software. The video and sound quality is retained after their transfer.

As the items in the category «» spy camera ', this pair of bezel with camera is distinguished by its performance. Equipped with a USB 2.0 interface, it makes possible the use of the supplied cable. This accessory will be used to transfer files to a computer or a laptop. Note that it is suitable for the Windows operating system for immediate playback. Our telescope camera is equipped with the new standard of encoding: H264. It's a format that has a high compression factor. He represents the equivalent of twice the conventional models. The use of this device enables a greater volume of information storage.

We offer this bezel HD spy camera for its usefulness. It gives multiple uses as well in private in professional circles. If you go on a family holiday, take the opportunity to save videos as a souvenir. That you are hosting a special event like a birthday, a wedding or a birth celebration, it allows you to capture these precious moments. If you are looking for a discreet spying equipment and effective, this revolutionary accessory is exactly what need you. Used as part of your work, it is the essential tool for close monitoring. To keep records, simply insert a micro SD card capacity not exceeding 32 GB. This product is currently unavailable.


Data sheet

Cards microSD up to 32 GB
Frame per second
30 IPS
Video format
5 M
Interface type
Compression format
H 264


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