Watch camera Full HD 1080 p waterproof - Spy watch

Watch camera Full HD 1080 p waterproof

With a high performance, the spy camera watch is a 4-in-1 product. It offers several features: time, videos, photos and sound.

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The Watch Full HD spy camera is a trendy accessory that dresses your wrist with elegance. His round chrome metal case married harmoniously with its gray background and its bluish needles. Steel bracelet gives its sporty look. The integration of the latest technologies guarantees its performance and reliability. The videos have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p and a rate of 30 frames per second. Visualization is both fluid with a steady pace not jerky. With a resolution of 4032 x 3024, pictures show an unparalleled sharpness. Without blurring, they are perfectly usable. It should be noted that this micro spy camera hidden one sensitive microphone. This captures the sounds, noises and conversations even low.

The Watch spy camera can be used in places with low light. It has an internal memory that the user will choose between the 8 GB capacity, G0 16 or 32 GB. When the storage volume is saturated, just transfer the files to a terminal running on Windows or Mac OSX. The USB cable used to carry out this process with ease. It will also help to recharge the battery of this Spy watch. Note that the device is provided in the webcam function which allows the communication in real time.

We recommend this Watch with camera for robustness, reliability and performance. Equipped with a sealing 3 ATM, she fears neither rainwater nor moisture from snow. It is ideal for athletes who practice sports. It is suitable also for lovers of winter sports and winter sports. If you want to invest in a reliable spy equipment and effective, this product is for you. Its many features allow for quality files. The most: its use is simple. You don't need to install any software any. Its handling requires specific expertise.

Data sheet

1920 x 1080
Frame per second
30 IPS
Yes built-in
Photo resolution
4032 x 3024
Webcam function
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB


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