Watch with Full HD WIFI spy camera - Spy watch
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Watch with Full HD WIFI spy camera

The design of this camera watch incorporates a state-of-the-art device that allows you to record videos with sound and view videos directly on a mobile app through its Wi-Fi connection. 1080P Full HD resolution, night vision, 32GB internal memory, mobile app, waterproof.

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Like the products in its class, this Full HD spy camera watch offers great discretion. In terms of its appearance, it presents itself as a classic watch for men. With a modern style, it features a chrome case with a circular shape. The dial integrates all the elements that display the time and other features. Its black leather strap gives it a decidedly contemporary note. Our micro spy camera is used as a high-performance video recorder. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and a rate of 30 frames per second, this device allows a perfectly smooth visualization. The presence of invisible microphone is a plus for a spying tool of its range. Thanks to its high sensitivity, it can capture sounds and conversations.

The advantage of this watch with camera is its Wi-Fi connection. It allows you to view live videos on its Dedicated mobile app. Immediately functional, its start-up does not require specific software installation. This is how it is compatible with common operating systems like Mac OsX and Windows. Thanks to its mini USB interface, it is possible to transfer files to a computer. The purpose of the operation is to back up the data and/or view the content. This mini spy camera has a 32GB internal memory.

If you need a discreet surveillance accessory, opt without hesitation for this infrared camera spy watch. In addition to the features mentioned, its robustness gives it a long lifespan. The greatest advantage it offers is its waterproofing 3 ATM, the equivalent of 3 bars or 3 meters. She is not afraid of perspiration, rainwater or splashing. However, it is not recommended to immerse it completely in the water during swimming. It should be noted that the recordings of this spying material AVI format with high compression rates. This technology offers you multiple advantages. It allows the storage of a large volume of files. The transfer to a computer is done at a rapid speed.

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Lithium polymer
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