Discreet HD spy camera mirror
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Discreet HD spy camera mirror

High definition spy camera built into a mirror. Motion detector, 720P resolution, 5 million pixel, libitum polymer battery.

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Intelligently taking the appearance of an ordinary mirror, this hidden camera is the ideal solution to discreetly monitor your home. It stands out for the quality of its images, even at low brightness.  You just have to place it on the best location (table, Dresser, etc.) in order to enjoy an excellent angle of view. The exact hours of the recording are displayed on the videos. 

Thanks to a motion detector, the recording is triggered automatically in case of intrusion. When the battery becomes weak, it turns off automatically after making the necessary backups. With this secret device, as if you were still at home during your absences.

In AVI format, the videos have a resolution of 720 X 480 with a frequency of 30 images per second. In camera mode, this mirror camera has a 5 million pixel image sensor. It has a built-in mini DVR that allows you to store videos and images. They are readable on any audio-video player in an operating system (Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, Mac OS and Linux). front page built-in 300 mAh Li-ion battery allows a video recording up to 120 minutes Continuously. A voltage of 5 V is required to charge it. This product comes with a remote control, a USB cable and a user manual.

Data sheet

Supports microSD cards up to 32Gb
Frame per second
Video format
Continuous recording time
120 minutes ago
5 million
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
Image format
Battery capacity
300 mAh
Compression format
H. 264


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