High-Performance Hidden Camera Light Bulb 3 Million Pixels - Hidden Camera Light Bulb

High-Performance Hidden Camera Light Bulb 3 Million Pixels

Wifi spy camera bulb, high quality 3 million pixel photo sensor, night vision, motion detection, remote viewing, 360 degree panoramic camera.

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This camera bulb is a very discreet video surveillance device. The product appears as a common light bulb. Its modern and refined design makes it look more like a connected bulb. This spying equipment has a high quality finish. The components - which may indicate the presence of a miniature camera - are perfectly hidden. This makes it a very efficient video surveillance device. This camera bulb can be used to investigate suspicious activities in your home. The device is also useful for monitoring babies, the elderly or pets. In the event of a burglary, the device can be used to gather evidence against the perpetrators or to identify the perpetrators. This camera bulb has several applications as it can be used as a webcam.

The product is suitable for filming large rooms - thanks to its panoramic lens with a 360° viewing angle. This camera bulb can make videos in Full HD with a high level of fluidity. This device also features night vision with a range of about ten meters. Images will therefore always look sharp, even in low-light conditions. It should be noted that this video surveillance device includes a Wi-Fi antenna. Connected to the Internet, the device can then broadcast live footage. You can watch it on a computer (using Windows XP at least) or on a Android smartphone. In addition, it has a motion detection feature which can automatically trigger the bulb camera. When an activity is detected, the camera starts filming. It will also send an alert to your phone. The user can then watch what is happening in real time.

The device fits on a socket like a standard bulb. Unlike other video surveillance devices, this model does not require a rechargeable battery. It only needs to be connected to the power supply to operate. This camera bulb is also capable of storing recorded data. The use of a microSD card is necessary for this purpose. For accuracy, the product is expandable up to 128 GB. This spying equipment includes an integrated microphone and a loudspeaker. This allows audio to be recorded. You can also establish a dual flow communication.

Data sheet

70 * 135mm
Supports up to 128 GB microSD cards
2048 X 1536
Video format
Streaming time
More than 24 hours
Operating system
software package
Media Player Classic
3 million
View angle
360 degrees
Image format
Photo resolution
2048 X 1536
Compression format
Compatible smartphone
Infrared vision
Distance from night vision
10 meters


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