Sports Watch mini camera - Spy watch

Sports Watch mini camera

The watch with camera of innocuous appearance offers a total discretion. Indistinguishable to the view, it allows to carry out close surveillance.

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The Watch camera spy full HD has a gray circular dial. His dark brown leather strap gives it its sporty style. Functional as a watch, it includes a lens that records videos with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 p. 30 frames per second frame guarantees the fluidity of the viewing of files on a computer. Features of the webcam function, our Mini spy camera is also a camera. It ensures high quality with a resolution of 4032 shots * 3024p. Equipped with a high autonomyIt has one internal memory 8, 16 or 32 GB.

This night spy camera watch is distinguished by its built-in microphone. By wearing it on your wrist as an insignificant accessory, you can record conversations. Even face-to-face, your target will ever doubt that you are in mode espionage while filming in hidden camera or by making a sound recording. Thanks to its infrared visiongives you the opportunity to film or take pictures in low light. It should be noted that our spy camera is compatible with universal programs like Windows and Mac Os. Therefore, its activation does not require the installation of specific software. Just follow the simple instructions in the operating manual.

We suggest that the acquisition of this Watch spy camera for its high quality. Equipped with a good sealingShe does not fear the humidity and the weather. So you can wear it in all circumstances, by dry or rainy day and night time. If you want to invest in a powerful spy equipmentThis product completely meets your expectations. Thanks to its USB interface, you can transfer files and charge the battery using the supplied cable. This all-in-one cable will also serve you to play recordings on a pc. Note that this design spy accessory can be offered to a loved one as a gift. This is why it is delivered in a nice sleek case. Intended for immediate use, your package includes a USB cable and a manual. This product is currently unavailable.

Data sheet

1920 x 1080
Frame per second
30 IPS
Yes built-in
Photo resolution
4032 x 3024
Infrared vision
Webcam function
Internal memory
8-16-32 GB


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