Spy pen HD - Pen Camera

Spy pen HD

This clever pen hides a spy camera HD that allows you to photograph and film. It can also be used to monitor without arousing suspicion.

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Room combining sobriety and elegance, this pen camera is a real spy equipment. Professional design, it adds in its absolute discretion. Its carefully camouflaged target films 30 sequences of frames per second to a very fluid animation. These captures a quality worthy of a professional camera, have a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. Sound microphone allows videos with a clearly audible sound. It can also serve as Dictaphone and record conversations. The function of our spy camera pen not only confined to the filming of the sequences. He takes snapshots, just as it can be used as a webcam. This gadget has a port of Micro SD who can bear maps of a capacity of up to 64 GB.

The files are saved in AVI and JPG format. They are to be stored on a micro SD card as this pen spy camera HD has no internal memory. Their transfer is done using the USB cable supplied with the unit. The device fits in with the Mac Os X operating systems (from the sixth version) and Windows (7, Vista, XP, 2000 and ME). Only the 32-bit version of Windows Vista is compatible. This motion detector spy camera is a excellent surveillance equipment Since it can remain functional in your absence. Its functionality motion detection activates systematically in the presence of a person.

Provided a autonomy, this pen camera authorizes the continuous recordings of 60 minutes. A high-capacity lithium battery provides power. For the full of energy are loaded for 40 minutes. The ergonomics of this Spy pen is a considerable asset. Its small weight of 55.5 grams and its tiny size of 141 mm x 13.5 mm offer a good grip. With this pen with Mini spy cameraanything is possible. In addition to spying and surveillance, it can also be used to perform mini-movies of gags and hidden cameras fun with the family. In order to give you the opportunity to optimize its use, a manual, a charger cigarette lighter and two USB cables are supplied with the pen. This product is currently unavailable.

Data sheet

55.5 grams
141 * 13.5 mm
Supports up to 64 GB microSD cards
1280 x 960
Frame per second
Video format
Streaming time
60 minutes
Operating system
Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Vista (32 bit version only) / Windows7 / MAC OS X +.
Load time
40 minutes
Motion detection
Lithium high capacity
Image format
Interface type
Mini usb
Webcam function
Control mode
Video mode or motion detection


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