Security camera IP 2 megapixel wireless - Indoor IP camera

Security camera IP 2 megapixel wireless

Mini surveillance 2 million pixels Full HD 1080 p camera, night vision, vision at a distance in real-time, intelligent motion detection, two-way audio support

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This IP camera is a versatile video surveillance device. We can make use of in order to strengthen the security of the residence or business premises during absences. The device allows to see what happens in his home using the smartphone. Please note that the product is compatible with the iPhone and Android phones. This device is also shown where one wishes to monitor elderly or his house staff. For accuracy, this miniature camera has a built-in microphone and a speaker. The device can be used as a means of communication through a two-way audio support. According to this feature, it is possible to use this mini camera as a webcam or a baby monitor.

The features mentioned previously are based on Wi - Fi connectivity. The device includes an antenna allowing access to the Internet. We can thus control the device remotely nothing only using their smartphone. There are also viewing distance. With a dedicated application, we're watching what the camera is filming on his phone. Note that the product may bear a microSD card up to 128 GB of capacity for data storage. Also, it is able to transfer the videos to the Cloud.

This miniature camera can shoot Full HD (1080 p) and has a vision of the night. It can offer sharp images by shooting in low light. Another feature, motion detection. However, it is more advanced. The device is actually able to recognize the human form. The unit also take a sound detector. Note that the detection options automatically trigger the camera. At the same time, we're getting a push on the smartphone notification alert.

Remember that this video surveillance system is a wireless device. This one requires so no connection to the sector to operate. The product uses a rechargeable battery as power supply. It generally offers an autonomy of several hours.

This tiny camera has received a quality finish. It actually presents a minimalist design, but modern. It is possible to confuse the device with a banal decorative element. You should know that the camera takes an egg-shaped - accentuating its futuristic style.

Data sheet

15 * 8 * 15cm
1080 P
Video format
Operating system
Type of storage
Supports up to 128 GB microSD cards
Image format
Compression format
Compatible smartphone
Infrared vision


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