HD Hidden Camera Light Bulb With Night Vision - Hidden Camera Light Bulb

HD Hidden Camera Light Bulb With Night Vision

This 5MP HD camera bulb can both light a room and spy on intruders. The many functions on this mini camera make it an essential surveillance accessory.

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This camera bulb features an innovative design. The bulb houses a mini camera that is invisible to the human eye. It can be used indoors in a room, an office, or outdoors on a balcony or a terrace. Equipped with infrared vision, it works perfectly in the dark. This spy camera bulb records video images of exceptional quality with a 720PHD resolution. The same applies to photos with a 1600 x 1200 resolution thanks to its 5 million pixel sensor. The built-in microphone allows you to record sound. The design of your camera bulb allows the use of micro SD cards. It supports a maximum capacity of 32 GB to store your data.

Equipped with a 3.6mm lens, the camera bulb is a real spy lamp. This mini spy camera is undetectable because of its innocuous appearance and its standard size: 72mmx108mm. Its built-in microphone and 90-degree viewing angle are its greatest assets. It covers a large surveillance area to provide you with a large amount of data to use. It is highly efficient and comes with an H264 compression format.

What are the advantages of our spy camera bulb? The camera is hidden in the lamp and is practically invisible as it records discretely. It is easy to assemble, simply use the flexible connector. Practical and easy to use, just one click is enough to activate it. The same applies to stopping the recording (which is on a loop). The spy camera bulb looks like a standard bulb lighting device and it can be installed by simply screwing it in. It can be used all day and all night to offer you complete security. Its design is identical to that of an LED light bulb. It is delivered ready to use with all the required accessories such as the connector, the micro SD adapter and a handy user's manual.

Data sheet

Cards microSD up to 32 GB
720 P HD
5 million
View angle
90 degrees
Yes built-in
Photo resolution
1600 * 1200
Compression format
3.6 mm
Infrared vision


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