GPS tag hidden in a car charger cigarette lighter - GPS car tracker
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GPS tag hidden in a car charger cigarette lighter

This device is both a GPS beacon for car and it also lets you charge your mobile devices with an installation on the cigarette lighter. Easy installation, just plug it.

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If you are looking for a device of Geolocation for car, here's a Chartplotter GPS 2 in 1 which you will help. Two in one, because it comes at a time of a high-performance GPS tag, but it can also serve as a car charger. Its design gives it a shape that is directly compatible with your cigarette lighter. Once the device is inserted, it will start directly. Track the movement of your vehicle is from an application that you install on your phone. Whenever the car stops, the camera automatically records the coordinates of each location. A function of the application will guide you to the last location to easily find it when you're back on the road.

This GPS Tracker serves also as a car charger, ideal to recharge your phones, cameras, tablet or portable gaming consoles. It has two ports USB 3.1 providing a fast load devices. It integrates a smart 4 core that ensures the stability of the voltage and control its cooling. It is equipped with a LED screen that allows you to easily find the USB ports in the dark.

The device was designed in metal and plastic which the form of price-fixing suits perfectly to a cigarette lighter. It is compatible with the traditional cigarette lighter models that generate a voltage of 12 or 14 V. Most of the devices of this kind are not recommended for heavy vehicles that are likely to produce electricity of greater tension, usually 24 V. However, with this model, is there nothing to fear. Indeed, it is provided with an intelligent protection system which prevents the overload, overvoltage, overheating or short circuits. As a result it can run stable and reliably, regardless of the vehicle.

The unit is provided with a matte finish that gives it all its elegance. This texture also allows you a better grip when the orientation of the device. It comes in two colors, so you have the choice between a black model or color gold. Very discreet, there is only 65 x 32 x 37 mm size with a weight of 80 g.

Data sheet

10 x 8 x 4 cm
Possible operating temperature
-15 ° C ~ 40℃
Smartphone compatible
IOS and Android
Location accuracy
5 meters
Mobile app


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