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Hunting with night vision camera

Hunting GSM camera is an essential accessory for a discreet spying. Through its motion detector, it works independently.

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Compared to the models in its range, the hunting HD camera is distinguished by its robustness. It measures 131.42 mm long, 98.72 mm wide and 77.44 mm thick and weighs 300 grams. Its design incorporates a video with a recorder resolution of 1280 * 720 and a 12 mega-pixel sensor. Sound 60 degree view angle facilitates the framing of the field. This hunting camera has a Mini 2-inch screen. It is useful to view the recordings on-site. It also features a USB interface. The insertion of suitable cable allows you to transfer files to a computer.

The photographic trap HD is distinguished by its presence detector. Registration starts fast and automatic way with a period of 0.8 second. Usable even in low light, its night vision with 40 leds has an exceptional range of 20 meters. Note that you can also view the files on your TV screen. This is made possible through cable TV provided in the package. This hunting camera Full HD use universal formats to view files: AVI for video recording, JPEG for images. With these technologies, playback of the content no problem. Fitted with a high compression ratio, they allow the storage of a large amount of data.

Discover the benefits you offer this infrared hunting camera. With a high autonomyIt works continuously for 30 days. In standby mode, it remains operational for 4 months up to 6 months. To ensure its energy supply, she needs 8 AA batteries. Designed with materials waterproofIt has the certification with the protection class 54. The use of a micro 32 GB SD card to ensure records of long-term storage. If you are looking for a photographic trap reliable and discreet, this product meets your expectations. More: military green colour is excellent camouflage in the nature. It should be noted that the memory card and the solar charger are not included in the package.

Data sheet

300 grams
Standby time
6 months
131.42x98.72x77.44 mm
1280 x 720
Video format
View angle
60 degrees
30 days
Type of storage
Supports up to 32 GB SD cards
Image format
Interface type
Photo resolution
12MP (4000 x 3000)
Battery capacity
8 AA batteries
Infrared vision
Yes - 20 m
Trigger time
0.8 sec
Screen size
2 "
Video release


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