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Pet with auto sensor hd camera

The design of this animal camera integrates modern technology. She condenses the video recording, photo capture and infrared vision.

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This hunting HD camera is above all a discreet ultra device. It has a length of 135 mm, 90 mm width and a thickness of 55 mm. With a weight of 160 grams and compact, it's handy while being convenient to carry. Our camera hunting records high-quality video. It guarantees a resolution of 1920 * 1080 p. The images are produced under a rate of 25 units per second. The result is a perfectly fluid visualization for your Visual comfort. Working independently, she has a motion detector. With a time of outbreak of 0.8 second, check in is almost instantaneously.

The hunting camera is distinguished by its many features. It is also used as a camera. Product images have a resolution of 4032 * 3024p and 12 mp. Thanks to the angle of view of 120 degrees, the framing of the field is easy. Even under a low light, our camera animal remains operational. This is why she incorporates 26 leds fitted with infrared vision. Suitable for a night shot, she has a range of 15 meters. Its sustainable use is an advantage. In standby mode, its autonomy is 12 months. She is able to operate continuously for 30 days. A battery works with 4 AA batteries ensures its energy supply.

We suggest this camera infrared for its strong points. It is easy to implement and is fixed with a suitable strap. Being directly operational, you will not need to install specific software. It is provided with a usb 2.0 interface which can be used for playback on pc and/or the transfer of files. Note that it is possible to expand its memory by inserting a 32 GB SD card. If you want to make a lasting investment on a reliable product, is photographic trap meets your expectations. Its plastic housing is completely waterproof. He feared moisture, the cold winter or the heat. Our device is functional between-10 ° C and + 70 ° C.

Data sheet

160 grs
Standby time
12 months
135 x 90 x 55 mm
1920 x 1080
Frame per second
12 M
View angle
120 degrees
4 AA batteries (not included)
Type of storage
Supports up to 32 GB SD card (optional)
Interface type
Possible operating temperature
-10 to + 70 degrees
Photo resolution
4032 x 3024
Infrared vision
Yes - 15 m
Trigger time
0.8 sec


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