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Hunting camera security box

Security for hunting HD camera case is the essential and indispensable accessory. With high reliability, it ensures the sustainability of your monitoring tool and its security.

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The security box for hunting GSM camera is suitable to contain your accessory. It has the following dimensions: length 14 cm, a width of 9 cm and a thickness of 9.5 cm. Its rectangular shape perfectly so that your tool to offer a total security. Posing as a steel boxIt is distinguished by its robustness. He does not fear the shocks and crushproof rest. Our box of Security for hunting camera also protects you from vandalism and theft. You have the option to lock completely. Simply insert a padlock in the holes provided for this purpose. Note that with its weight of 600 grams, its transport is no problem.

The in a protective box for hunting HD camera is a subwoofer suitable for sustainable use. It remains resistant to natural attacks during bad weather. Despite the rain and the wind, it preserves its protection function. Lodge your device in this case also ensures longevity of life. This is an important point for your investment. The installation of our infrared camera security box hunting is extremely easy. You choose the most suitable support and one that is available. It can be a wall, a solid pillar or a large tree. For hard surfaces, attach firmly with screws. For vertical media, prefer the wire or the fixing strap. Should be noted that the use of anti-theft cable guarantees you a optimum protection.

We recommend this security box for photographic trap for its high reliability. It plays perfectly his role, regardless of the climate and season. You can use year-round, day and night and at any place. It also offers you total discretion. This anti-vandal casing provides excellent camouflage. Its green color fits completely in a natural environment. His presence is above suspicion. If you are looking for a functional and discreet box, this box of security for hunting camera meets your expectations. Thanks to its thermolaquee surface, it is provided with an excellent protection against rust.

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