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HD Spy Microphone

This spy microphone combines discretion and efficiency. This system consists of two modules that work together.

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This spy microphone meets the needs of customers looking for practical spy equipment. Its first component is the transmitter. Small in size, it is 2.3" long, 1.4" wide and 0.7" thick. Its low weight of 0.8oz makes it easy to handle and transport. Its main function is to capture HD sound and transmit it to the second component: the receiver. It is a little bigger, 4 "long, 2 " wide and 0.5 " thick. Equipped with an antenna, it weighs just under 4oz. This GSM spy microphone has a long range. The receiver offers an uninterrupted operating time of 6 hours. It should be noted that you can listen to the sound directly through a loudspeaker built into the receiver. You can also use headphones for more discretion.


This spy microphone recorder is a functional device with high listening sensitivity. Its transmitter has the ability to operate continuously for 24 hours. A rechargeable battery provides the power supply. Its charging time is fast and takes about 3 hours. 


We suggest choosing this small microphone for its high quality. It is equipped with exceptional power. Even hidden in a cabinet or drawer, its transmitter has the ability to send the voice recording to your mobile phone. The advantage: your target does not have to be in your field of vision. Remember that the range of this spy microphone recorder is 1 mile. This has the advantage of offering even more discretion for listening to conversations remotely. The advantage of this device is its simple and immediate use. Your package contains all the necessary items such as the transmitter, receiver, earphones and user guide. This product is currently unavailable.

Data sheet

Issuer: 22 grams transmitter: 96 grams
Issuer: 58 * 34 * 19mm receiver: 105 * 54 * 19 mm
Load time
3: 00
Lithium polymer
Yes built-in
Listening distance
1500 m
Jack 3.5 mm
Streaming time
6: 00


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