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What is the maximum distance of a micro spy device?

the micro spy is an electronic device that is used to perform a audio recording. An indispensable tool forSpying, it hides very easily thanks to its small size.

Features and utilities

This material is a sound recorder multi-purpose. Indeed, it can be used on various occasions: working meetings, conferences, police investigations... This tool does not emit radio waves. This makes it a very effective means of espionage, as it is normally undetectable. It can take various forms. This facilitates its adaptation to all situations. The spy microphone can take the form of a mini bracelet, a pen, a USB stick, an MP3 player...

Listening ability based on the type of micro-spy and its location

Thanks to technology, it is not difficult to listen secretly to discussions. However, it is necessary to respect a certain distance so as not to compromise espionage. With a wireless micro spy with receiver, you can hear everything that happens around 10 meters from the microphone. If placed in an enclosed space such as an office or bedroom, the maximum transmission distance is 1000 metres. On the other hand, it can go up to 3000 meters in open space. 

a mini micro GSM offers much more, because there is virtually no limit. You can listen to the discussion, no matter what the scope. You just have to make sure you have a better network quality for the recording to be usable. This is a real innovation in terms of espionage. Indeed, we can anticipate possible problems following a supervised discussion. 

This technology is generally used by authorities and governments, but individuals can also use it. It should be noted that the spy microphone is not prohibited by law. However, precautions should be taken with regard to the exploitation of the recordings.