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Is it possible to configure the sensitivity of a spy microphone?

the micro spy or mini microphone is an indispensable tool for record a conversation you want to keep or listen in secret about when or later. As part of theespionage and surveillance, discretion plays an important role, but a question regarding the sensitivity of the micro-spy and the very quality of the sounds collected arises: 'ret-it is possible to configure the sensitivity of a micro-spy? 


The micro-spy: equipped with a device to configure its sensitivity

With a high sensitivity, the mini microphone is usually equipped with a dial on its back to increase or adjust the volume of the amplification of sounds. Indeed, this gadget works by amplifying the audio vibrations emitted, for example during a discussion, a set of waves is removed and amplified by this tool to allow its user to listen even through the walls. If the frequency is low because people are whispering, you can increase the sensitivity of your spying device in order to better listen.


A high-sensitivity spy microphone running through walls

To be a good spy, you have to know how to get high-performance equipment, adapted to any situation. There are high-sensitivity spy microphones that pass through the walls and are equipped with vibration sensor so that you allow you to listen what is said in the other room. Their penetrability is only different and you have several choices between those that can pass walls made of cement, steel, wood, brick or glass.



We often use spying equipment like the mini microphone to get important evidence or information, these gadgets are therefore of great use and offer more and more options to be easy to use and present no limit of listening distance.