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How do I know if the spy microphone is quality?

You want to buy a micro spy and especially want a quality product? The answer is not sourced, since the choice of a micro-spy depends intimately on how you use it. Its quality is therefore all relative. However, there are a few points that are needed to ensure that quality spy microphone


What makes a good spy microphone

Before you buy a micro spy, it is necessary to look at some aspects of the product in order to ensure a positive experience. Being a mike, so a audio recorder, it is a good idea to choose a device with a wide range of recording, entry-level spy microphones with a range of 4 or 5 meters. there recording quality must also be taken into account in order toget a well-audible recording. Because the micro spy is doomed to work in a long period of time, autonomy is not to be neglected. A good microphone has a good battery life (from a few days to several weeks), as well as a large storage capacity in the event of a micro recorder


The features of a high-end spy microphone

They offer sophisticated and practical services through new technologies. Among these technologies, count the various Detectors : speech detector to record only in the event of a conversation and motion detector. In the event of a hostile environment, a good microphone is the one that will have the necessary robustness, namely waterproofing (very rare) and performance unchanged in bad conditions (high and low temperatures). In terms of camouflage, there are spy microphones in different forms: unusual objects, watch, pen, usb key etc..