Siemens GSM-Connected Spy Microphone - GSM Spy Microphone

Siemens GSM-Connected Spy Microphone

This professional spy microphone is a device with automatic sound alert. Using Siemens technology, its sound detector is highly sensitive to low intensity vibrations.

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This GSM spy microphone uses Siemens technology. Whenever noise is detected, its alert system is automatically activated and sends a message to your mobile phone. It comes in a discreet size and looks like a small rectangular box. Its length is 1.7", its width is 1.3" and its thickness is 0.3". This spy microphone is discreet and hides in your hand without being noticed. It fits easily into the pocket of your pants or jacket thanks to its light weight of 0.5oz. It can also fit in a handbag. For added discretion, it doesn't produce an audible or luminous signal even when it is activated.


This microphone is a device that operates on several frequency bands: 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz. This ensures exceptional sound quality without any interference. You must insert a SIM card from the operator of your choice to ensure its full functionality. Note that this spy microphone is equipped with two remote listening activation systems. When your device is in manual mode, simply call its number from your mobile phone to activate it. The other option is the automatic mode. If a sound is detected by the built-in microphone, an alert message is immediately sent to your mobile phone. Your advantage: the SMS is sent in real time. You can therefore act immediately and take the necessary measures. In the case of suspicious activity, the solution is to call the police.


We recommend this GSM-connected spy microphone for its high range. It can operate continuously for 4 hours. Even better, when it is plugged into an electrical outlet, it can be used for an unlimited period of time. For your listening comfort, it has 4 sound volumes. This allows you to adjust it according to the sensitivity of your ears. If you're looking for an invisible microphone that captures sounds and conversations with clarity, this ultra-modern device is exactly what you need. With a range of about 65 feet, you can spy safely without being noticed. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

15 grams
42 * 33 * 8 mm
Yes built-in
Battery capacity
GSM frequency
GSM technology
Sound detection
Yes - Call number recorded or text


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