Long distance wireless spy microphone - This micro spy combines the performance and discretion. The device is supplied with ess
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Long distance wireless spy microphone

This micro spy combines the performance and discretion. The device is supplied with essential accessories such as the transmitter and receiver.

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The design of this micro spy incorporates a sound for sensor Save conversations. It consists of 2 mobile units that work in tandem: the transmitter and receiver. The wireless transmitter is a small case measuring 58 x 34 x 19 mm. Its role is to ensure the voice capture using the recorder microphone. Then, he takes care to transmit the record to the receiver to antenna. This second unit has a slightly larger size: 105 x 54 x 19 mm. To hear the recording of our micro spy GSM, it has a mini speaker. If you do not draw attention, simply plug the earphone using a Jack 3.5 mm.

The micro spy recorder is provided with a high autonomy. Dedicated to the professionalsIt allows an exceptional listening time 6 continuous hours. To ensure his power, there is a 600 mAh battery. The latter consists of lithium, a metal that has an excellent load capacity. The low rate of self discharge of this battery gives the micro spy a long service life. Note that this device has a mini USB interface. This makes it easy to recharge from a pc or a tablet.

Choose what Wireless spy microphone offers a high level of security. Minimal size of the two components associated with their black offers great discretion. The transmitter can be deposited trivial way on a desktop, on any support or in a pocket. To be functional, it must stand close to your target. Note that this accessory offers high quality sound with a 1500 m listening distance. If you are looking for a reliable and discreet material, this micro spy recorder meets your expectations. It is suitable for use in your work. Due to its flexibility of use, you can also use it for monitoring your children remotely. Intended for immediate use, your package includes you need including the two modules, headphones and the instructions.

Data sheet

Transmitter: 58 * 34 * 19mm receiver: 105 * 54 * 19mm
Listening distance
1500 m
Jack 3.5 mm
Continuous listening time
6: 00
Type of interface
Mini usb
Battery capacity
600 mAh


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