Micro spy with listening HD - The micro spy combines the discretion and efficiency. This device has two modules that work toget
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Micro spy with listening HD

The micro spy combines the discretion and efficiency. This device has two modules that work together.

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The design of this micro spy meets the needs of customers looking for a spy equipment practice. Its first component is the transmitter or transmitter. With a small amount of space, it measures 58 mm long, 34 mm wide and 19 mm thick. Its low weight of 22 grams facilitates handling and transport. Its main function is to capture the HD sound to pass to the second component: the receiver. More robust, this last measure 105 mm long, 54 mm wide and 19 mm thick. With an antenna, it weighs a little less than 100 grams, is precisely 96 grams. Our micro spy GSM has a long battery life. The receiver offers lasting use continuously for 6 hours. Note that listening can be done directly through a loudspeaker to the receiver. For more discretion, it is recommended to use the earphone with Jack 3.5 mm.

The micro spy recorder is a functional device with a high listening sensibility. Its transmitter has the ability of operate continuously for 24 hours. A rechargeable battery provides the power supply. His charge time is quick and lasts about 3 hours. Note that it is possible to extend the memory of this micro spy. Simply insert into the one interface micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 4 GB. You can then transfer your data to a pc using a mini USB cable that is compatible. Once the files have been secured, you can listen to them later. It should be noted that this transfer does not degrade the quality of the recording.

We suggest to choose what small microphone for its high quality. It is provided with exceptional power. Even hidden in a closet or a drawer, its transmitter has the ability to make voice recording to your mobile phone. The most: your target must not necessarily be in your field of vision. Remember that the scope of this micro spy recorder is 1,500 metres. This has the advantage to offer even more discretion for listening to conversations at a distance. The advantage of this device is its simple and immediate use. Your package contains the necessary as the transmitter, the receiver, the listener and the easy to understand guide.

Data sheet

Issuer: 22 grams transmitter: 96 grams
Issuer: 58 * 34 * 19mm receiver: 105 * 54 * 19 mm
Charge time
3: 00
Lithium polymer
Yes built-in
Listening distance
1500 m
Jack 3.5 mm
Continuous listening time
6: 00


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