Micro spy gsm with GPS function - The spyphone is the must-have device for remote monitoring. With high reliability, it combine
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Micro spy gsm with GPS function

The spyphone is the must-have device for remote monitoring. With high reliability, it combines several features to ensure your safety.

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The micro spy GSM is a modern accessory that has a double function. Provided a built-in microphone, it allows theRemote listening conversations. Thanks to the technology used, it offers a good sound quality. Without parasites, conversations are clear and perfectly audible. At every detection of sound, it sends an alert message to warn you. There's also theAuto Redial option. Note that this micro spy is operational in the world. This represents an advantage for people who are often on the private road. It is also suitable for professionals who are on a mission to work. It should be noted that it issues on a wide frequency band of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.

The second function of this Mini microphone is its ability to geolocate targets. It is an effective system to track movements. This specific feature him is suitable for controlling the use of a company vehicle. It also suitable for a private surveillance, in order to spinning the displacement of children for example. The advantage of this micro spy is his 10 days of autonomy. A battery of 37 volts and 500 mAh ensures its energy supply. It should be noted that this accessory lithium gives it its high performance and long life expectancy. This Spy device can have unlimited range by plugging it into a power outlet classic.

We suggest the acquisition of this micro spy GSM for his discretion. It is a micro box which measures 42 mm in length, width 31 mm and 13 mm thick. Thanks to these minimal dimensions and light weight of 30 grams, it represents the classic line-up. Its use as spy equipment offers flawless reliability. Sending the messages is done with a fast trigger time. It should be noted that his microphone sensitivity level is configurable. If the target is away, it is recommended to increase to ensure the collection of sounds and conversations. This micro spy recorder works with a SIM card, regardless of operators providers. The most: it does not require the taking of a subscription.

Data sheet

30 grs
31 x 42 x 13 mm
Lithium polymer
Battery capacity
GSM frequency
850-900-1800-1900 Mhz


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