Spy microphone Siemens GSM - The professional spy microphone is a device with automatic sound alert. Using Siemens technology,
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Spy microphone Siemens GSM

The professional spy microphone is a device with automatic sound alert. Using Siemens technology, the sound detector is provided with great sensitivity to capture the vibrations of low intensity.

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The design of this micro spy GSM contains Siemens technology. At every noise detection, its warning system fires systematically. Functional, it sends a SMS message to your mobile phone. With a discreet size, it presents itself as a mini rectangular case. Its length is 42 mm, width is 33 mm and the thickness is 8 mm. The use of this micro spy offers full discretion. It hides itself in your hand someone noticed his presence. Thanks to its light weight of 15 grams, it fits easily in the pocket of a pair of pants or a jacket. It also finds its place in a bag in hand. Even enabled, it should be noted that it does not beep or luminous sign.

The micro is a device that uses several frequency bands: 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz. It ensures a high quality of its exceptional and this, without any interference. To ensure its full functionality, it is necessary to insert a SIM card from the carrier of your choice. Note that this micro spy is equipped with two activation of remote listening systems. Your device works in manual mode. Just call his number from your mobile phone to trigger its operation. The second option is the automatic mode. Detection of a sound by the built-in microphone immediately launches the alert message to your mobile phone. Your advantage: the SMS is sent in real time. You can act immediately and make arrangements. In the case of a suspicious activity, the solution is to call the police.

We recommend this GSM spy microphone for sound high autonomy. It works for 4 hours continuous. Even better, his connection to sector allows an unlimited operating time. For your listening comfort, it has 4 sound volumes. You have to make the adjustment according to the sensitivity of your ears. If you are looking for an invisible microphone that captures the sounds and conversations with clarity, this ultra modern device is exactly what need you. With a span of 20 meters, you can spy on safely without being noticed by your opponent.

Data sheet

15 grams
42 * 33 * 8 mm
Yes built-in
Battery capacity
200 mAh
GSM frequency
GSM technology
Sound detection
Yes - Call number recorded or text


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