Mini spy micro GSM high performance - The micro spy is a compact ultra audio surveillance system. Robust and reliable, the use
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Mini spy micro GSM high performance

The micro spy is a compact ultra audio surveillance system. Robust and reliable, the use of this equipment guarantees complete security.

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The micro spy GSM comes in the form of a rectangular box mini. It measures 42 mm in length, 33 mm wide and 12 mm thick. Its small measurements give total discretion. Provided a built-in microphoneIt detects the sound vibrations lower than 75 decibels. It also identifies the voices and conversations. Any noise or suspicious activity, it sends a alert message to your mobile phone. To ensure its functionality, our micro spy must be used with a SIM card. Note, however, that it is completely compatible with all operators. You can choose freely the service provider that meets your needs. This compatibility remains an undeniable advantage for its use over the long term.

The Professional spy microphone not stand its high performance. Depending on your needs, you can increase the sensitivity of the microphone. Conduct a spy mission in the workplace will be all the more easier. You won't miss the content of conversations exchanged by your targets. In case of dispute, the captured data will provide evidence to confuse your opponents. Our micro spy has the ability to detect even the weakest sound. The advantage of this device lies in its flexibility of use. You can also use it to monitor your kids. To make the device adapts to your need, just adjust it by decreasing the sensitivity of the sensor.

Choose this micro spy GSM is an economical option. You don't need to take out a subscription. The use of your SIM card is enough to activate its features and send SMS. Remember that before inserting the SIM card, remember to turn off his PIN code. The advantage of our micro spy recorder at the level of its autonomy. It is powered by a battery with a high performance mini. Offering high reliability, it has a 12 days of autonomy. She can be rechargeable from a source of energy via a USB cable. If you are looking for a discreet and effective mechanism, this model meets your expectations. It is suitable for professional office use, or for use in your House. During your absences during the school holidays, this feature will make you a great service.

Data sheet

24 grams
Standby time
10 days
4 x 3 x 1 cm
Lithium polymer
Requires a subscription
Continuous listening time
5 hours
Type of interface
Possible operating temperature
-25 ° C to + 55 ° C
Battery capacity
GSM frequency
900-1800-1900 MHz
Scope sound
30 m 2


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