Professional Spy Microphone Recorder - Spy Microphone Recorder

Professional Spy Microphone Recorder

This device allows you to record high-quality sound thanks to a mini spy recorder. The audio is processed, and the background sounds are removed. Its autonomy can reach 600 hours of recording time.  Your data is stored and automatically encrypted for their security.

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For personal or professional use, this spy microphone allows you to tap the people you want to spy on. This high-quality device stands out for its refined and elegant design. Equipped with a battery that offers an impressive range, it can cover up to 600 hours of recording time. In standby mode, it can last up to 200 days. In addition, it only takes 2 hours to fully charge. With a size of 2.5" x 1" x 0.5", the device is easy to carry. The built-in magnetic absorption technology gives it the ability to target a voice in a defined area. 

This spy microphone is designed to withstand any weather condition: high heat, rain or splashing water. However, it is not completely waterproof and should not be immersed in water. Thanks to its small size, this product fits wherever you need it: in a briefcase, in your jacket pocket or in the car. Easy to use, just slide the button to the right to record and to the left to save the recording.   

The advantage of a device of this quality is that it uses innovative technologies, such as a background noise-reduction system. It recognizes specific sounds and isolates isolates them to make the recording clearer. An integrated system is used to handle this process. An automatic encryption ensures the security of the recorded data when you saved it.

When the battery of the recording microphone is empty, you have nothing to worry about because an automatic backup system is activated. The voice-activated recording function saves both power and memory on your device. The device allows you to easily find files during long recordings by segmenting it every 5 hours (uses an intelligent segmentation function). When the device's memory is full, it automatically deletes the oldest files so that you can continue recording. This professional spy microphone comes with a user manual, headphones and a data transfer cable.

Data sheet

Standby time
200 days
6.5x2.5x1.2 cm
Streaming time
Up to 600 hours
Operating system
Load time
2 hours


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